• November 11, 2015
    Amplify visited by committed Innovation Professionals. We are proud to have hosted the 14th members meeting of the Association for Innovation Management Professionals in Sweden and that we launched the association’s new website.
  • October 2, 2015
    Innovationsledning inom offentlig verksamhet. Region Jämtland Härjedalen satsar offensivt på innovation. Här kan du läsa mer om SKARP – ett spännande projekt som syftar till att professionalisera arbetet med innovation inom offentlig verksamhet.
  • April 18, 2015
    Innovationsledning i offentlig verksamhet. Vi kan stolt presentera att VINNOVA har beviljat oss stöd för vidareutveckling och kommersialisering av vår utbildnings- och verktygsportal för innovationsledning anpassad för offentlig verksamhet.
  • March 30, 2015
    Being lean, agile and innovative – is it possible? Most organizations are trying to achieve it all – at the same time. However, few really succeed! This has triggered us to compile and publish this report outlining what today’s research has to offer on the topic.

About us

Amplify is an international consultancy dedicated to professionalize innovation. We know that anyone can increase their efficiency and put relevant ideas into action. For genuine progress, your own innovation performance is vital. There’s no magic or hype. To generate value – Amplify: Professionalize innovation.

Professionalizing innovation has always been our focus. And with more than a decade of international experience in the frontline, we know that only a practical approach will turn our client’s organizations into systematic, ongoing innovators.

We bring with us the best practice, processes and tools available. Together we build competence, create commitment and make sure that our sights always are set on delivering tangible results. Experience has taught us that anyone can innovate.

That is why Amplify works with companies that are serious about increasing their innovation performance. Those who want to be challenging and reveal what really is important. Organizations that want to manage innovation as thoroughly as they manage all other mission-critical activities.

Most of all we believe in a hands-on approach and collaboration to professionalize innovation in your organization. We work with leaders who understand that innovation isn’t about magic – it’s about being professional and action-oriented. It’s about making it happen.

What we do

We professionalize innovation. Ensure that you can identify opportunities systematically and successfully put them into action. There is no silver bullet solution. Together we find the right path. Amplify your innovation performance.

Amplify: Your Competence

Build innovation know-how through inspiration, training and tools.

Know-how is a necessity for innovation. No matter what business you are in, your people need to be trained in innovation just as they are trained in any other skill – with the best tools and methods available. Amplify your innovation competence through:

Tailor-made or open training programs based on a mixture of remote e-learning, webinars, reading and class room meetings.
Where we take the myth out of innovation and show how it can be systemized in different industries.
A web based innovation toolbox with practical tools that will support business professionals in their daily work – hands-on, anywhere at any time..

Please contact us for more information: info@amplify.se


Amplify: Your Management

Establish a clear direction, capability and commitment for innovation.

Innovation must be treated as any other mission-critical activity. It’s about knowing how and when to do it – but also when not to innovate. Build a strong professional foundation with a clear direction, capability and commitment. Amplify your innovation management through:

Create a realistic and relevant roadmap for innovation that complies with your reality, and achieves your business goals.
Support your specific situation and ambition with the right processes, tools and activities.
Establish an organization with defined roles and responsibilities where employees are committed to innovation.
Assess your current strategic direction, capability and commitment for innovation with measurable indicators you can take action on.

Please contact us for more information: info@amplify.se


Amplify: Your Opportunity

Drive innovation projects that create new business.

We have run innovation projects for more than a decade. Projects that have led to concrete results on the market – in many different industries. Explore how you can strengthen your business. Amplify your innovation opportunity through:

Turn opinions and vague thoughts into new knowledge and truths – providing a common understanding of your customers and your business.
Co-create anything from radical change to small incremental steps for an existing offering – always with significant customer value and impact on the market.
Establish a well-balanced mix of new opportunities through specific project proposals ready for development and implementation.
Predict the future through scenario planning, insighting and market trends, as well as shaping the future through provocative tools and techniques.

Please contact us for more information: info@amplify.se


By co-creating very closely with our clients, we have established many long lasting customer relationships. Here you can read some of our clients’ own words about a few cases.

“Since 2003 we have been working together with Amplify. Their knowledge of innovation is broad and their approach always practical.”

Elekta – creating an innovation eco-system in a complex organization

"We have been working together with Amplify since 2003. Their knowledge of innovation is broad and their approach always practical.”



Elekta is a world-leader in the fields of Neuroscience and Oncology. Everything they do is about improving, prolonging and saving lives. Since they were founded in 1972 they have become leaders within their field. They are now a multinational company developing, manufacturing, marketing and selling across the globe. They have rapidly evolved from a fast moving start-up to a complex matrix organization. How does a global company that has grown so fast continue to excel in innovation?


The answer is by professionalizing innovation; From defining a direction and strategy for innovation, to creating commitment and acquiring the right skills for innovation. Over the years, Amplify has been involved in a number of innovation projects at Elekta. To support a strong growth strategy, one of these projects aimed to establish a strategic plan for innovation at their Neuro-science business unit. Amplify’s consultants worked closely with the management team and other key people at Elekta to assess the current innovation performance, define innovation goals, identify gaps and formulate a plan for how to raise the innovation performance.


The outcome is a strategic plan for innovation that now guides Elekta Neuroscience innovation activities. Elekta Neuroscience has also implemented processes and an innovation toolbox to systemize and professionalize their innovation.

“We have been working together with Amplify since 2003. Their knowledge of innovation is broad and their approach practical. Innovation is about developing our business by exploring the unknown, but Amplify’s focus is on creating tangible and concrete results- whether that’s in product development, enhancing our competence, implementing a toolbox, or innovation management!”
– Måns Barsne, Vice President R&D Neuroscience at Elekta Instrument AB


Ericsson – Increasing competence in a global organization

“Amplify share our view on innovation – that it should be professionally executed, using a proactive and systematic approach.”



As the world’s leading communications networks and services provider, innovation has always been a core discipline and necessity for their business. That is why innovation is one of five key principles at Ericsson. Innovation activities are on going in all parts of the company, and to manage and support the efforts, new structures, functions and roles emerge.


Over past years, Amplify has worked closely together with Ericsson’s Group Function for New Business Development and Innovation to put key building blocks in place for a solid foundation for innovation. Among these projects are: Development and Delivery of a Global Training Program for Innovation Coaches, as well as the implementation of Amplify’s Innovation Toolbox. Both projects aim at supporting strong competence, structures and a culture for innovation.


Ericsson has now established a global educational program for innovation coaches, as well as implemented an innovation toolbox. The Innovation Coach has been defined as a new role within the organization. Coaches across the globe are establishing their role as innovation catalysts pushing the company towards its mission – to empower people, business and society.

Amplify share our view on innovation – that it should be professionally executed, using a proactive and systematic approach. We appreciate both their strategic and tactical expertise in the field of innovation. The fact that they have years of hands-on experience from facilitating innovation projects makes them valuable in our efforts to build the foundation for high innovation performance. Amplify’s consultants have an open, easygoing and flexible attitude–key characteristics for managing assignments in a large and complex organisation like Ericsson.
– Magnus P. Karlsson, Director New Business Development and Innovation at Ericsson Group Function Strategy

“Amplify is very skilled and experienced in innovation coaching and have also shown to be an excellent listener and truly innovative in their own service development. These qualities have given us at Ericsson a high quality-training program. Providing us with very hands-on knowledge within innovation coaching and management. This program really fits our principles and culture, and is relevant for all business segments and work areas. We will be able to use these new skills on everything from new business development to process improvements. I am really pleased to see the roll-out of this program within Ericsson.”
– Sofie Lassborn, Innovation Coach and Program Responsible at Ericsson


Estrella Maarud – Filling the pipeline with products

“Looking back I can see that what differentiates Amplify from the rest is the hit rate. Many of the ideas generated together with Amplify are still coming to life and the funnel still isn’t empty…”



Estrella Maarud manufactures and markets salted snacks in the Nordic and Baltic countries under the brands of Estrella, Maarud and Taffel. The company has a strong position in its markets and Estrella and Maarud are the iconic salted snacks brands in Sweden and Norway. The food industry resides in a highly competitive environment. The fight on the supermarket shelves is razor-sharp and there is an on-going need for innovation. Estrella Maarud must fill its development pipeline with new concepts that appeal to the market.


Amplify has run several innovation projects over the years aiming to fill the development pipeline with successful concepts. The projects are always a co-creation between Estrella Maarud’s expertise in development, production, market and sales together with Amplify’s expertise in facilitating innovation projects.


The outcome of the project has been ranging from low-hanging fruit, just-do-it concepts, to more radical concepts. This allows a continuous flow of new product release to the market enabling Estrella Maarud to maintain its strong position on a highly competitive market.

“I first worked with Amplify in 2005 on a project for Freia chocolate in Norway, later on a Global sweet snacking project for Kraft Foods and most recently an innovation forum for our Nordic Salted Snacking business.
Looking back I can see that what differentiates Amplify from the rest is the hit rate. Many of the ideas generated together with Amplify are still coming to life and the funnel still isn’t empty. The secret? I think it comes down to pragmatism and people. Amplify have an ability to get close to your business and understand the real world challenges you face. What one might call a behavioural approach. The tools they use are about making things happen quickly with the resources you have, not dreaming paper dreams that have a tendency to stay on paper. Their people have a frank, direct but humble and curious approach that allows them to point out the elephant in the room. They are a breath of fresh air and I can thoroughly recommend them.”
Chris Samways, Group Marketing Director & CEO Denmark, Estrella Maarud Holding

www.estrella.se; www.maarud.no

Wilhelmsen Ship Management – Reinventing ship management through a new business model

”Long term strategies are dependent on innovation. We will continue to focus on innovation and innovative techniques in our coming strategy processes.”

WW Ship management


Wilhelmsen Ship Management division is one of the world’s largest providers of third-party ship management services.  The services include: technical management, crew management and training, dry-docking services, new building supervision, technical consultancy, insurance, commercial management as well as IHM and green ship recycling services. In 2007 the executive management looked for new ways to increase the company’s growth and profitability.


Amplify, together with Wilh. Wilhelmsen’s innovation facilitators and the whole executive management team of Ship Management, set about to reinvent its business in the search for growth and increased profitability. By redesigning the strategy process and facilitating new thinking in the management team, a breakthrough concept for how to offer and deliver ship management services was born.


The new concept offers modular value packages, allowing the customers to configure a tailor-made high-value service solution. The concept attracts not only the traditional customers, but also ship owners representing a ten times bigger market. Within the business of ship management this was a revolutionary concept. In a couple of years after the launch of the concept, Wilhelmsen’s Ship Management division went from a stagnated low-margin business to being one of the group’s most profitable units.

”The strategy process we had in 2007 was systematic and innovative with clear goals and ambitions. A combination of getting more facts on the table and the use of Innovation Facilitators, bringing effective tools into our strategy workshops, helped us to arrive at a better strategy. Throughout the strategy process we experienced that the Innovation Facilitators helped us broaden our perspectives and organise our thoughts in a more systematic way. Long-term strategies are dependent on innovation. We will continue to focus on innovation and innovative techniques in our coming strategy processes.”
– Dag Schjerven, CEO Wilhelmsen Maritime Services


SKISTAR – Developing stimulating experiences for all senses

”Working with Amplify has helped us to become more innovative in our approach to meet future demands, both internally and externally”



Skistar AB is the largest alpine resort operator in Scandinavia, owning and operating alpine destinations in Sälen, Åre and Vemdalen in Sweden, and Hemsedal and Trysil in Norway. SkiStar’s vision is to create memorable winter experiences as the leading operator of European alpine destinations. During the winter season of 2008/09, only 5% of the visitors purchased any of the guide and ski school offerings from Skistar in Åre. The ski school was often perceived as something for beginners and children. The need to revitalize the business to attract new target groups was therefore evident.


When Amplify was engaged for the challenge they therefore added a specific focus on targeting non-customers. Amplify initially did a thorough value analysis of customer situations and personalities leading to new insights and a strong segmentation model. This was then also materialized in concrete ideas and potential concepts that eventually lead to a new brand and a new offering – SkiStar Experience.


SkiStar Experience is a ‘tapas menu’ of mountain adventure, targeting guests looking for adventure, enjoyment, companionship or personal leisure time. The objective of the offering is to create memorable experiences for all guests based on their personalities, the specific situations and local conditions. This has enabled Skistar to attract customers from all segments and leverage on existing resources of the ski school. The concept is now a standard offering in the Åre, Hemsedal and Trysil mountains.

“Working with Amplify has helped us to systematize ideation for our operational plan. But, most importantly, we have been able to take this work to a strategic level. This has helped us to become more innovative in our approach to meet future demands, both internally and externally.”
– Niclas Sjögren Berg, CEO, SkiStar AB Åre


Wilh. Wilhelmsen – Professionalizing innovation by creating the structure for innovation.

”Our participants have given Amplify very good and solid scores in all evaluations. I can recommend working with them- without a doubt.”



The Wilh. Wilhelmsen group is a global maritime industry group focusing on shipping and integrated logistics services for cars and rolling cargo through its shareholding in Wilh. Wilhelmsen ASA. The group also occupies a leading position in the global maritime service industry through Wilhelmsen Maritime Services AS, delivering products and services to some 200 shipyards and 24 000 vessels annually. Wilh. Wilhelmsen (WW) has a great vision; Shaping the maritime industry. In order to materialize this vision, innovation has become an integer part of WW’s effort. Over the past years, the company has worked hard to increase innovation performance.


One important aspect of WW’s innovation efforts is the facilitation of mission critical innovation activities, such as customer and market insight sessions, ideation and conceptualization workshops etc. To be effective in such activities, Amplify has trained over 60 innovation facilitators that are the innovation experts within the company. The training has also been accompanied by Amplify’s Innovation Toolbox which is accessible on-line on the WW’s intranet all across the globe. The toolbox delivers concrete tools for different tasks in the innovation process.


Today, the organization is more than ever committed to innovation. In the yearly budget process the quality and quantity of proposals for innovation has continuously increased, leading to new innovative products, services and solutions reaching the market, now shaping the maritime industry.

”Amplify: uses learning methods that are involving, work-oriented and tailor- made for us as a customer. Our experience with their consultants is that they are a very professional, knowledgeable and creditable. Our participants have so far given them very good and solid scores in all evaluations. I can without a doubt recommend working with them.”
– Johanna Sundén, Head of WW Academy



For more than a decade we have been working with some of the most inspiring companies and brands throughout the world. Are you one of them?




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